Saturday, 21 March 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung flagship S5 universe is still buying some time, the company also has seen disappointing sales, so you can expect the universe S6 is code-named Project Zero's. Here we let you know that according to the norms on whispering and whispering a lot of speculation
  about the universe S6 release date and specifications are circulating rumors need to be equipped Samsung Universe will provide everything you S6. Some people prefer the seemingly far-fetched. Now, in-depth leak by SamMobile reveals what Samsung is planning to S6 in the universe so continue reading. Through the site show the specifications and benchmark applications on AnTuTu screenshot support.

It seems perfectly reasonable world S6 uses the SuperAMOLED screen, Samsung's preferred display technology. For size, is ideal for new models acknowledge has a larger display, etc., but the use of the world's S5 in 5.1in, S6 may be because of the huge world of 5.5 inches, with LG G3, or somewhere in between.

Speaking LG G3, you will find two main challengers for the universe S6 Screen resolution: match LG's flagship smartphone or 4K (2160 X3840) Quad HD (1440 X2560). Former seems more likely to us, because it has the Samsung Note 4 in the universe, but it is definitely not unthinkable. SamMobile touted it might Quad HD, but do not understand the size.

Design and make
Samsung S5 been condemned comments universe, because it's plastic quality which is a good thing, if required, which involves enhanced S6 universe (including us). Whispers hinted the company may use a similar material graphene. More likely, however, to continue the Samsung S6 of universe in its cosmic alpha metal design used in fact.

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