Friday, 20 March 2015

iPhone 6 Bigger than bigger

iPhone6 not just bigger - it's all better in every way. Large, but significantly thinner. More powerful, but very efficient. Seamless comply with the new Retina HD display smooth metal surface. This is a continuous form, perfect unity which hardware and software features, creating a new generation of the iPhone which is good by any measure.

 iPhone at its greatest. Thinnest.

For developing larger, more advanced display an iPhone means to push the edge of the design. A seamless transition from the streamlined contours of glass and metal, every detail has been carefully considered in order to improve your experience. Thus, despite its larger display, iPhone6 feeling just right.

 Not just a larger display. Better display.

It's one thing to make a larger display. This is something else entirely to make more Multi-Touch display, brilliant colors and higher contrast, wider viewing angle. But this is what we like the new Retina HD display.

 Very powerful. Great efficient.

Built-in 64-bit desktop architecture, the new A8 chip provides more power, even in the larger display driver. In M8 motion coprocessor efficiently collect data from advanced sensors and a new barometer. And with the increase in battery life, iPhone6 allows you to do more, longer than ever before.

A8    CHIP

Change photo video camera is now doing the same
More and more people need more photos with the iPhone than any other camera. Now the focus pixel iSight camera and new video features such as 1080p HD 60, 240 FPS slow motion video mode and delay the new sensor. So you have more and more reasons to capture video of the moment.

IOS version biggest ever.

The iOS8 is the world's most advanced mobile operating system. And with incredible new features and design to maximize a larger display, iOS 8 does not just work seamlessly with iPhone6, which makes every experience feel bigger and better.

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