Wednesday, 25 March 2015

9 With smart phones can now complete something useful

In today's world, who do not have a smart phone? Smartphone applications are very useful to us in our daily lives, and now extend its usefulness, smart phones can be paired with different devices. All of these devices are controlled via the phone. Look at these cool things you can do now because of your smart phone technology.

1:The application, which will allow your remote to your car:
 Viper Smart car applications, it allows you to run your car, you will be one of the remote control keys for different tasks traditionally used. You can lock your car doors, honk, and even the release of the trunk. The benefits of the application, you will not have to carry different types of remote control and smart phones have only one application will do the job for you.

2:Track your child:
 Once you put your child's pocket this device, within his go way out, your phone will be notified, you can easily keep track of your child.

3:Put your card into the digital body:
 All your physical cards, such as credit and debit cards can be converted into digital information. All necessary and required information you want to add in a temporary Geode card. You have to flick it to activate, through the terminal and boom, swipe it to complete the payment. You can use a card so many different cards.

4:Control lights:

This application lets you anytime named Wemo control your home lighting. The revolution in your life is basically a two-step process. One: Download Wemo application. Two: Replace your house all the light switches and Wemo's. Now, you do not have to get up off the lights, you can do it from the comfort of your bed. 

5:Lock or unlock:                                                                                                                                 

This application allows you to lock named Lockitron or from your smart phone, just unlock the door bell rang.

6:For your Health:                                                                                                                                

Mismatch shine, when placed in your body, can guide you on how your body movements and exercise, you have been.

7:Monitor your baby:
Now you can keep your baby on-site inspection by an audio / video streaming live smart baby monitor. The device is mounted near the baby, and to establish a secure connection, the gadget lets you find your baby even the slightest noise.

8:Remote Control Devices:

The iPhly lets you control most of the remote control devices, such as television, air conditioning, remote control cars and remote control aircraft. 

9:Control your camera timer:                                                                                                                  
 With the Canon EOS new application, you can use your smartphone to your camera's timer control, and take a perfect picture.

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