Thursday, 26 March 2015

Samsung launched the Galaxy A7 a seamless social experience

After you have successfully captured the market in 2014, Samsung is currently in 2015 is once again ready for its incredible smartphone completely changed the world.
 Among them, the other companies are currently planning a new device only, Samsung announced its HD Super AMOLED display smartphone A7-The thinnest smartphone (just 6.3 mm thick) from the date of Samsung, which is the third row was surprised it a series of consumer, A3 and A5 after.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Cool Hairstyles 2015

With big events lined up, salon appointments is not easy to get through. You will never want to slip the opportunity slip away to your hair to become one of the coolest hairstyle in 2015, but what may appear to wear, what to cut problem vague shape? Hair, for many people, is a valuable asset to our personality. To look into means you have to invest a huge time and money coveted look. So, you might decide to take now what you see is probably the whole 2015. Take your time, and through the different possibilities that may prove to be beneficial to you have a huge impact.

 Length, in a variety of ways in 2015 hairstyles are very dominant hand, if you are carrying one shilling, lob, or shoulder length than ready to take on more and more hair is recommended as long as the long hair from your hair expert is probably the most demanding part of the hairdressing techniques. Depending on your facial contours choose the perfect length, and check up skills in 2015 wearing the coolest hairstyle.
Funky ponytail

Microsoft's browser "Internet Explorer" to end

How in the world will be present in the Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer, which will bring what has not changed.
Washington: Microsoft 20 years ago ravaged impact brawsng browser "Internet Explorer" in the world has decided to cancel the location of the new browser window 10 "Sparta" will be added.

Microsoft first Xikelisi kill Keating said Hilo kypu our browser "Internet Explorer" to end, but Internet users around prayss world it will appear in the Windows Tan any kind, but they do not have any new software project will not change the "Spartan" would have added exciting features user's default browser.

Microsoft's new browser "Spartan" Internet Explorer to test the reaction of the test the validity of the default settings from the company decided to create a new project Sparta is the default.

PTCL landline service also launched mobile phones

Islamabad (URL) Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) launched a fixed line phone HPY View business intelligence applications. Yesterday in motion the number of fixed telephone subscribers PTCL free to apply their own PTCL issued a statement to communicate from anywhere in the application anywhere, and receive information from your fixed telephone connection from your phone PTCL users to make and at any time, allowing the application via the Internet program provides call PTCL landline clean, transparent sound, from the battery to the phone, landline provide Arzani nrkun. In addition, users can be used anywhere high quality video call options, no subscription fees or monthly fees, and other available features, including access to messaging, smartphones, colleges and professional contacts directory access customers PIA flight time application.

US military satellites in Earth detonated assessment of the damage and the European Space Agency

In the February 3, 2015 the US Air Force weather satellite, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program Flight 13 (DMSP-F-13), an explosion in Earth orbit. Explosion debris left flying around. Aerospace and Air Force officials said that battery failure is the cause of the explosion, and as with any foreign object satellite collision did not explode. Evaluation of debris left by the satellite due to the danger of the European Space Agency released.

Is The World’s First Automatic Roti Maker

When it comes to making barbecue, the need for skilled and patience. Barbecue is the number of people around the world the traditional staple food of millions. Perfect combination of the required components and kneading together with fine planarization in order to achieve the desired effect. A lot of people can not do that, but now we have a robot that can make barbecue us. Rotimatic is the world's first fully autonomous robots making barbecue.

9 With smart phones can now complete something useful

In today's world, who do not have a smart phone? Smartphone applications are very useful to us in our daily lives, and now extend its usefulness, smart phones can be paired with different devices. All of these devices are controlled via the phone. Look at these cool things you can do now because of your smart phone technology.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Apple patented eye tracking and visual control technology for Mac, iOS and beyond

Apple has been granted a patent (via AppleInsider website), describe for tracking eye movements, and use it to control the computing device user interface elements method. Gaze-based control system also includes when a person seeks to counteract staring at a fixed space, long time, which can deceive your eyes, thinking that some UI elements have disappeared completely possible visual effects approach.

This patent describes a holistic approach may use their built-in camera equipment to track the user's eye movements in future Mac or iOS device, and then move to those elements on the screen, like a cursor. The cursor will follow the user's line of sight, in some cases, and to the activity on the screen. It means that if a user instead of the direct enrichment technology in the fight against the so-called controller affects the target, which may cause some user interface elements (such as a cursor) or fade - The main purpose of the patent is not, however, describe the specific circumstances of such a system, staring at another point long gone.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung flagship S5 universe is still buying some time, the company also has seen disappointing sales, so you can expect the universe S6 is code-named Project Zero's. Here we let you know that according to the norms on whispering and whispering a lot of speculation
  about the universe S6 release date and specifications are circulating rumors need to be equipped Samsung Universe will provide everything you S6. Some people prefer the seemingly far-fetched. Now, in-depth leak by SamMobile reveals what Samsung is planning to S6 in the universe so continue reading. Through the site show the specifications and benchmark applications on AnTuTu screenshot support.

Friday, 20 March 2015

iPhone 6 Bigger than bigger

iPhone6 not just bigger - it's all better in every way. Large, but significantly thinner. More powerful, but very efficient. Seamless comply with the new Retina HD display smooth metal surface. This is a continuous form, perfect unity which hardware and software features, creating a new generation of the iPhone which is good by any measure.

Facebook messenger

Initially, the user is not happy with the new Facebook messenger, and it created a different application Facebook messages. But with the changes it brought about a direct call to friends online on Facebook. It's easy to call and voice quality is the best.

Hike Messenger

India hike applications like WhatsApp is a national epidemic. The company recently came up with a call feature back a few days before the release of free calls WhatsApp. This application has become famous for its unique funny stickers, fun and sharing. All you need is to enable the use of the rate hike anyone talked 3G network or WiFi connection.

Line app

Line with free calls and video calls, one of the leading communications applications developed in Japan. Most downloaded applications it has received in a very short time. The application first characteristic of different types of stickers that made it famous, unlike all other applications. Due to intense competition in all major applications, the line appears different offers and free recharge to its customers in India. Most importantly, it's fun to get together with friends to connect. It also enables video conferencing Paging free.


Viber is in the smart phone world's most popular free calling application. It can be said that another name for free calls. It is most commonly used to call the application. Viber recently a few months ago came up with a video, and even calling function. This is the most user-friendly and simple application with friends and family to stay away from you connected.

Whatsapp Calling

Favorite news app has now come up with a call feature is completely free. WhatsApp call is open to all Android phones. All you need to do is update WhatsApp official website or Google's Play store. There are small errors, but application developers will solve it soon in the next update. The only drawback is that it still does not start for iOS devices. IOS users world robots and almost the same number in. So, if you want to communicate with your friends using iOS, you must use other applications.