Thursday, 9 April 2015

Shiv temple buried beneath the Taj Mahal, Shankar Acharya claims

Allahabad: Message to lead India's Ministry of Finance and sage Shankaracharya has caused a stir of his controversial assertion of various disputes.
Shankaracharya said that the Taj Mahal in Agra buried under Shiva Temple. In the month of Sawan fountain stream.
He forced himself into the chamber in the middle is done by placing a few bones.
Shankaracharya says Taj Mahal's death was in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, phranhyn can be buried here? Therefore, this issue should be carried out. He also said that the Taj Mahal ass basement.

Claiming that he is a Muslim Sherry D. Sai Baba. In its controversial talks still see patients.
He, Sai Baba in India, worship is not mentioned anywhere.
Sai Baba shrine in D prohibit Hindus, Muslims, and will not be installed because there is a statue of Sai Baba.
Cattle Shankaracharya passed a law to protect the mission, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is recommended to. In addition, he called for a ban on beef over India's.
He is now the center of political power in Hinduism, the cow protection law is a good chance to pass. India's Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju beef ban in Maharashtra and Haryana criticism and condemnation.
Shankaracharya said that India's Muslim religious schools and church schools in the Christian Bible is working with other children, but to teach their religions perverted their marriage. Yes.
According to the mentioned above, Shankar Acharya generate controversy. A few months ago, his wife and two children, said Shankaracharya, national laws should apply to all religions.

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