Friday, 29 May 2015

Magnitude earthquake in California Us

California: California has local time at four o'clock tomorrow afternoon's 9.8-magnitude earthquake?

Hugrbyts Frank said yesterday local time on Friday afternoon at half past four in the state of the Earth and the moon would create tremendous change.

The Daily Mail reported that Frank has also released a video on YouTube, which have seen millions across the world.

However, other experts have argued that any change in the condition of Frank earth and moon are predicted, it is not possible under any circumstances.

Frank has predicted in his YouTube video that California will sink into the sea.

But experts said it is rejected if it is possible more strongly than our concept of the tsunami hit California.

Frank hugrbyts to prove his claims of a computer program called Solar System Scope is sought.

They say that even severe earthquake last earthquake will come in Nepal, through their increase has warned the whole world.

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